Riding Gear

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Gravity Drystar Riding Jacket (Black)

MSRP $299.99

Description:The Gravity Drystar riding jacket is your partner for those rainy rides. Waterproof and breathable, is also ventilated with side zippers. The jacket is also designed with a zippered chest pocket and two front pockets to carry all your essentials. The style remains uncompromised with snap button volume adjusters on upper sleeves and hook and loop volume adjusters on wrist and waist for a better fit.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKO000002

L: RRGJKO000003

XL: RRGJKO000004

2XL: RRGJKO000005

Gravity Drystar Riding Jacket (Khaki)

MSRP $299.99

Description:The Gravity Drystar riding jacket is your partner for those rainy rides. Waterproof and breathable, is also ventilated with side zippers. The jacket is also designed with a zippered chest pocket and two front pockets to carry all your essentials. The style remains uncompromised with snap button volume adjusters on upper sleeves and hook and loop volume adjusters on wrist and waist for a better fit.

Size & Part Numbers

S: RRGJKO000007

M: RRGJKO000008

L: RRGJKO000009

XL: RRGJKO000010

2XL: RRGJKO000011

Solano Waterproof Jacket (Black)

MSRP $399.99

Description: The Royal Enfield x Alpinestars collaboration Solano Waterproof Riding Jacket is the proof of protection you need for your urban rides. Equipped with seven pockets for real world practicality, the entire jacket is built rainproof with waterproof zippers. This utilitarian jacket also comes with a straight collar for enhanced rider comfort, Waist volume adjusters for highest levels of comfort, five external pockets including a waterproof arm key card pocket and two elasticated inner pockets for secured storage. Last but not least, reflective details added with your safety in mind

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKO000014

L: RRGJKO000015

XL: RRGJKO000016

2XL: RRGJKO000017

Syncro Drystar Gloves

MSRP $99.99

Description: Made for the urban rider in you, the Syncro Drystar gloves are stylish and big on protection with subtly integrated features. Made with Drystar membrane for guaranteed waterproofing and breathability, these gloves are equipped with a viscoelastic knuckle protection system for effective impact protection.

Size & Part Numbers

L: RRGGLO000023

XL: RRGGLO000024

SMX-1 V2 Air Gloves

MSRP $99.99

Description: Breathable and light, the SMX-1 V2 sir summer gloves are the riding gloves of the season. The mix of leather and mesh keep the gloves well-ventilated all through the ride. Built with a hook and loop wrist enclosure, for a secured experience. The hard polymer knuckle protection ensures protection from impact and abrasion resistance.

Size & Part Numbers

L: RRGGLO000003

XL: RRGGLO000004


Streetwind V2 Jacket (Grey)

MSRP $119.99

Description: Light, airy, and ready for all the fun under the summer sun. The STREETWIND V2 jacket, with a soft mesh and Knox Level 1 flexiform armor around the shoulders and elbows, keeps you protected and comfortable on an adventure or a city commute alike.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKM000020

L: RRGJKM000021

XL: RRGJKM000022

2XL: RRGJKM000023

3XL: RRGJKM000024

Khardung La V2 Jacket (Grey)

MSRP $379.95

Description: The new improved version of the all-weather, all-terrain Royal Enfield KHARDUNG LA V2 CE certified riding jacket comes with a two-layer construction in addition to a separate rain-jacket that makes it the preferred accomplice in braving any weather condition. Equipped with D3O EVO PRO CE level 2 armor at shoulder and elbow which combines higher impact protection with lightness, flexibility and offers increased durability, this CE certified jacket already tested across some epic adventures around the world, is the perfect partner to find new ones.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKM000074

2XL: RRGJKM000075

Explorer V3 Jacket (Grey)

MSRP $219.95

Description: The Royal Enfield EXPLORER V3 CE Certified riding jacket represents the spirit of the brand in earnest. Classic, versatile, better with every outing, it is one of the most enduring riding jackets. Not only the entire jacket is CE certified, the armor at shoulder and elbow are Knox MICRO-LOCK CE Level 2 certified and are soft and comfortable to wear absorbing maximum energy on impact. The chest, arms, and back are crafted with a mix of airflow mesh & high-density polyester to help keep the jacket light yet highly-abrasion resistant. This riding jacket is also equipped with a removable thermal liner and a breathable-waterproof rain jacket that can be worn either as an inner or outer liner.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKM000050

L: RRGJKM000051

2XL: RRGJKM000053

3XL: RRGJKM000054

Explorer V2 Jacket (Black)

MSRP $249.99

Description: True to its name, the EXPLORER V2 JACKET is built for the perennial voyager. With its integrated rain liner, detachable winter liner and a super ventilated outer shell; the Explorer V2 is a no-nonsense protective jacket for the no-nonsense motorcyclist.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKH000014

L: RRGJKH000015

2XL: RRGJKH000017

3XL: RRGJKH000018

4XL: RRGJKD000001

Pushkar Jacket (Navy)

MSRP $199.95

Description: The Royal Enfield PUSHKAR JACKET is a protective mesh jacket, purpose-built for riding in hot and humid weather. Its ventilated outer shell, sleek design and protective features also make it the ideal choice for the daily commute or the weekend ride.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKH000034

L: RRGJKH000035

XL: RRGJKH000036

2XL: RRGJKH000037

Sanders Jacket (Brown)

MSRP $265.99

Description: Safety, comfort & honored aesthetics come together in the Royal Enfield SANDERS CE certified riding jacket made from high-density cotton fabric further armed with Cordura fabric at impact zones, a water-resistant coating to keep short drizzles at bay and a separate waterproof jacket for those heavy showers. The entire jacket as a unit is CE certified. Crafted with pre-curved sleeves and accordion stretch panels that ensure ease of movement and comfort, equipped with protective D3O EVO X CE Level 1 armor, vents, a waterproof back pouch, and two front pockets for all the essentials, this classic jacket is the perfect wingman with a timeless charm for any adventure.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKM000056

L: RRGJKM000057

XL: RRGJKM000058

2XL: RRGJKM000059

3XL: RRGJKM000060

Nirvik Jacket (Black)

MSRP $324.99

Description: The Royal Enfield NIRVIK jacket creates a new standard in touring jackets. Crafted from high-density NYLON & Cordura fabrics, quipped with D3O – T5 EVO PRO/CE Level 2 protectors around the shoulders and elbows, this jacket provides superior protection against impact and abrasion yet remains light. CE certified Level 1 protection at the back and Level 2 at the chest adds another layer of safety, whether on asphalt or gravel. In addition, an array of features like a detachable thermal layer, a rain-jacket that can be worn either as an inner or outer liner, large ventilation areas in high airflow mesh, and five spacious pockets for storing essentials, makes this jacket the best bet for creating legends, be it cruising the highways or blazing new trails.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKM000062

L: RRGJKM000063

XL: RRGJKM000064

2XL: RRGJKM000065

Khardung La Jacket (Grey)

MSRP $379.95

Description: Our most technical jacket, the Khardung La is highly adaptable to any and all weather changes. The Khardung La, thanks to its versatility, is ideal for daily use, the adventure of a lifetime – and everything else in between

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGJKI000002

L: RRGJKI000003

XL: RRGJKI000004


Stellar Shoes (Brown Camo)

MSRP $79.99

Description: Make everyday adventures more stylish with these sneakers with camouflage print. The leather patch adds a vintage touch while the zipper makes it easy to put them on and step out onto your next adventure with ease.

Size & Part Numbers

UK: 7 | US: 7.5 – RLCSHOO00271

UK: 8 | US: 8.5 – RLCSHOO00272

UK: 9 | US: 9.5 – RLCSHOO00273

UK: 10 | US: 10.5 – RLCSHOO00274

UK: 11 | US: 11.5 – RLCSHOO00275

Maverick Shoes (Brown)

MSRP $79.99

Description: Stylish, slick and rugged, pair up with these sneakers for a distinctive look on or off the road. Made with Nubuck leather, these sneakers have a velvet look and feel for added style and comfort. They also come with a reflective underlay panel for your visibility in low light conditions.

Size & Part Numbers

UK: 7 | US: 7.5 – RLCSHOO00021

UK: 8 | US: 8.5 – RLCSHOO00022

UK: 9 | US: 9.5 – RLCSHOO00023

UK: 10 | US: 10.5 – RLCSHOO00024

UK: 11 | US: 11.5 – RLCSHOO00025

Stelvio Mid-Rise Riding Boots

MSRP $449.99

Description: Stelvio Mid Rise Waterproof boots are perfect for adventure touring riders looking for safety and protection. These riding boots are equipped with a leather finish, T-Dry waterproof lining and OrthoLite® footbed along with Comfort Fit System (CFS). Integrated PU inserts and reinforcements provide protection from impact injuries.

Size & Part Numbers

UK: 8 | US: 8.5 – RRGBON000012

UK: 9 | US: 9.5 – RRGBON000013

UK: 10 | US: 10.5 – RRGBON000014

UK: 11 | US: 11.5 – RRGBON000015


Urban Hustler Gloves (Black)

MSRP $24.99

Description: With well-ventilated stretch panels, 100% poly-stretch fabric and 100% polyester air mesh for a comfortable movement. The TPR knuckle and finger protection takes care of safety, keeping your hands protected along tricky turns and curves. The microsuede patch on the palm enables solid grip, and sponge at the palm area reinforces the grip with comfort.

Size & Part Numbers

XL: RRGGLN000014

2XL: RRGGLN000015

Windstorm Gloves (Black & White)

MSRP $69.99

Description: Windstorm is the word for windy and that is what the gloves try to embody in their features & benefits to riders. Crafted with 50% leather and 50% polyester mesh stand out due to their high ventilation properties. The perforated leather and air mesh provide efficient airflow that keeps you going the distance. A wiper on the index finger further adds to the Windstorm’s features. The microsuede patch on the palm takes care of the grip and semi carbon fiber on the knuckles further adds to the safety features of the gloves.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGGLN000057

L: RRGGLN000058

XL: RRGGLN000059

2XL: RRGGLN000060

Stout Gloves (Black)

MSRP $84.99

Description: Stout gloves are the ones that are durable, thick, and dependable. They come with a waterproof membrane and a warm lining, making them an all-weather all-terrain gear. The long cuffs cover beyond the wrist, keeping a larger surface area warm and protected. The high-grade leather construction and PVC knuckle protectors help protect your hands in all conditions.

Size & Part Numbers

M: RRGGLN000097

L: RRGGLN000098

XL: RRGGLN000099

2XL: RRGGLN000100