los angeles, california

Chris Alves & Rama Davis

Royal Enfield Los Angeles


The dynamic duo of Chris Alves & Rama Davis is one of Royal Enfield’s most unique Brand Ambassadors with their creation of Royal Enfield Los Angeles. To put it in their own words they’re “two dudes making friends and exploring L.A. on Royal Enfield motorcycles” and they strive to create an inclusive experience with a common thread – 2 wheels.

Chris Alves:

As a Los Angeles native, Chris’s first memories of being on a motorcycle center around being dropped off and picked up by his dad. His father, having migrated to Los Angeles from Brazil with not much money in his pocket, found that a motorcycle was the most affordable form of transportation. As a teenager, he rode dirtbikes, but his love for motorcycles evolved into a full-blown passion after two trips and over 4K miles across India. After returning to the states in April of 2019, he waited a whole 48 hours before purchasing his first Royal Enfield and now proudly owns 3 of the popular marquee.

The time Chris spends off the motorcycle involves designing marketing campaigns for various nonprofit organizations like The Los Angeles Public Library, Angel Flight West and organizing events for the Eagle Rock Yacht Club, an organization focused on partnering with city parks, their staff, and residents to meet the unique needs of their community. Since 2008, he has overseen the expansion of (5) Los Angeles neighborhoods while hosting a number of fundraisers, events, and programs for kids at recreation centers around Los Angeles. These programs include Yacht Grub (a youth cooking and nutrition class), Yacht Pix (a youth photography class), and Yacht Crew (youth dodgeball leagues). Building trust with park staff, residents, and local youth while leveraging relationships with volunteers and donors has been crucial to the ongoing success of The Yacht Club as well as his ambassadorship with Royal Enfield.

Rama Davis:

Rama; real name, hippy parents. Bought his first motorcycle at the age of 18, then promptly crashed it into the back of a Cadillac and that was the end of that. Two years later he was in Asia riding nearly everything on 2-wheels only to fall in love with the fastest bike around; The Royal Enfield Bullet. Home after 8 years in Asia. Fueled with a deep love for that thump he drove the 1400 miles to Portland, OR, and back for his 2003 Iron Barrel Bullet.

Through motorcycles Rama realized that speed is not the goal of the ride, rather cultivating the presence of mind and the clarity that comes from being on a bike is something that he is continually grateful for.
When not riding one of his two Royal Enfields Rama spends his time traveling the world visiting old friends or making new ones. When home he’s busy making this corner of the world better by creating a community as an Ambassador for Royal Enfield along with his involvement with a local non-profit that he’s dedicated over a decade to.

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