Brother Moto | Ambassador

Navigating with the GT

The city streets of Atlanta are known to be some of the worst surface areas in all of the nation. Riddled with pot holes, open man-covers and all manner of snares and pitfalls, riding a motorcycle can be quite the white knuckle experience. With all of that being said, Atlanta offers a truly unique motorcycle experience and we love getting to explore this beautiful city while on two wheels.

Luckily for us the RE Continental GT is perfect for dodging those Atlanta pot holes and riding around the city streets. The GT is quick but not too heavy or over powering. It’s aggressive while still retaining a strong comfort level. At the end of the day, we consider it to be the perfect size for navigating around exploring this urban jungle. On any given day in Atlanta you can find us cruising around, looking for the next unknown area to park this yellow oasis of a motorcycle in a dreary and drab urban ATL.